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whatever it takes, right?

Degrassi: tng
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ok, so heres the deal... this is a community dedicated to the one,
the only, DEGRASSI.
Degrassi: The Next Generation is a teenage soap opera, a continuation of the hit tv show Degrassi Jr. High from way back in the day (or the 80’s). It’s chock full of canadia, sex, drugs, murder, betrayal, hope, teenage-knockups, cheating, depression, rock bands, mental illness, abuse, STD’s, thongs, penis pumps, internet rapists, “the cutest guy on the team” rapists, dorky mascots, good girls gone bad, insane car crashes, wacky cair throwing dads, Joey’s fedora!, heather sinclair and her horrible nose job, as well as some really good life lessons and values. Yeah right, values my ass.
Degrassi is shown in Canada every Monday night on CTV at 8:30 pm, and every Friday night in the US on The-N (Noggin during the day) at 8 pm.

The next new episode in Canada: September 19th "Venus"
The next new episode in the US: October 7th "Venus"

To join, click

However before you do, we ask that you please read the rules and please check the
before asking a question or requesting an episode. The memories are well organized and updated frequently for your conveinience.

Heres a collection of links that the members of our community have put together:

looking for episodes to download? go HERE for all of your downloading needs! its a great place! if looking for episodes, PLEASE CHECK THERE BEFORE ASKING HERE!


1.Please check the memories before asking a question.
Im not sure if you were blessed enough to experience the accidents will happen hunt of 2004, but I was. Had people checked the memories, half the posts in the community wouldn’t have been repeated, preventing a majority of the members from getting majorly pissed.

2. Check the my community, d_t_n_g_d_o_w_n before requesting episodes.
I have everything degrassi related, a lot of which i bet you didnt know existed. Please leave all requests there, cause thats what its for. For the love of god, please read my rules though. They can be found HERE. They'll tell you what to do from there.

3.All spoilers must go behind a cut
and label it as so. A spoiler can be defined as an episode that has not yet aired in the US. Oh, and in case you were wondering, if it hasn’t aired in the Canada then it definitely has not aired in US. Its only fair to the other members. Don’t know how to do a lj-cut? Heres the code:

This also goes for huge ass pictures. Just be considerate.

4.Plz dun typ lyk diz.
It gives me a headache and I simply will not tolerate it, not to mention nobody will even bother reading what you have to say. As an added bonus, our members will have an eternal hatred for you.

5.There are no restrictions concerning language
but please remember, our community is a happy place. NO NAME CALLING! It’s uncalled for. Also, don’t derogatory remarks that refer to one’s gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, etc. will get you booted out of this community so quick we won’t even have time to laugh at your ignorance.

6.Advertising is ok
as long as you are a member and the community is degrassi related. I don’t want any of this hot or not shit floating around, they’re just lame. Also, work the advertisement into an actual post. Entries that just say “join _______” are absurd and pointless. Remember though, all banners for the community must be behind a cut and if you don’t provide an actual link its also getting deleted.

7.You may post quizzes
but if you are posting your results after someone has already introduced the quiz, put your results in the comments for the original test takers entry. Your results are not cooler than everyone else’s, they are equally as ridiculous.

8.Do not steal icons.
Our members work hard to give you degrassi graphics and icons. Don’t abuse it. If they say in their post that they want credit, credit them. If not, you’re banned.
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Canada matters to me. Le Canada, c'est important pour moi.

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